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Simonelli Aurelia II T3 Commercial Espresso Machine 3 GROUP - SALE!

Simonelli Aurelia II T3 Commercial Espresso Machine 3 GROUP - SALE!

$14,395.00 $17,415.00

Simonelli Aurelia II T3 Semi Automatic Professional 3 Group Commercial Espresso Machine

Get an incredible deal on this BRAND NEW Professional Commercial Espresso Machine!

Clearance SALE!
Only ONE available! Please contact us before ordering to confirm availability.

Dedicated to:

→ Champion baristas
→ Super professional baristas
→ Shops that offer a variety of espressos
→ Shops focused on coffee quality

Aurelia Competition incorporates innovative T3 technology, developed by
Nuova Simonelli taking advantage of scientific research from prestigious universities,
experience with the World Barista Championship and above all, work with WBC championship baristas, Aurelia II sets new standards of reference in terms
of precision, reliability and performance flexibility.

  • Color: Pearl White
  • Ultra-High Volume Output
  • LCD display
  • Shot timer
  • Milk light
  • LED light
  • Cool touch steam wands
  • PID
  • Auto cleaning
  • Brewing temperature
  • Group temperature
  • Boiler pressure adjustment
  • Programmable alarms
  • Additional pre-infusion
  • Energy saving

The T3 technology provides even more advanced performance, because on each
group there is three-dimensional temperature control, so reading and operating become very accurate. Coupled with a real-time responsiveness of the machine, is the guarantee of an extraordinary ability to perfectly adapt to the characteristics of each coffee blend.

The “T3” in this model stands for 3 points of temperature with thermal monitoring. Along with the main boiler, this machine also contains PID-controlled heating points with a brew micro-boiler in each group-head for added temperature control and more thermal stability.
When the brewing process is initiated, water is first heated by the boiler’s heat exchanger, then by a brew micro-boiler and thirdly by an actively heated group head. Throughout this process, the barista has control over the different temperature levels at each point to achieve the optimal and desired heating results.

Using the interactive 4” LCD display screen, operators can easily view and control the boiler temperature and also monitor various machine components for troubleshooting and maintenance. Additionally, the boiler includes a low water indicator for safety and convenience.

Integrated shot timers make it easy to time up to 3 independent shots at once. Also, the T3 utilizes the Soft Infusion System, which results in consistently creamy and delicious espressos with every use.

Other great features included with the T3 include: problem self diagnosis, double counting, programmable alarms, raised group heads, reverse mirror, cool touch wands and LED light illumination on the front of the machine.
For added efficiency and productivity, the machine has the ability to complete independent and automated cleaning of each group. The operator can simply program one group-head to go through the cleaning process while another head simultaneously brews, cutting down on mantainience time for the barista.

For those concerned about conserving power, the T3 has an energy saving mode as well as a daily on and off programming function.

With Aurelia II T3, the pump pressure can also be adjusted. The barista can do so directly, without having to unlock the machine or call a trusted technician, to adapt the pressure to his needs.



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