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Important: Change your water softener!

As a coffee shop owner, you know the importance of maintaining your equipment to ensure the best quality drinks for your customers. One crucial component that often gets overlooked is the espresso machine water softener. This small but mighty filter plays a big role in keeping your espresso machine running smoothly and producing great-tasting coffee.

Why is it important to replace the water softener?

The water softener for your espresso machine helps to remove minerals and impurities from the water, preventing limescale buildup and ensuring consistent water quality. Over time, the softener can become saturated and less effective, leading to potential issues with your machine and affecting the taste of your coffee.

How often should you replace it?

It is recommended to replace the water softener for your espresso machine every 5-6 months for Everpure ESO7 cartridges, and every 10-11 months for the Simonelli 3M cartridges, depending on the volume of drinks you serve.
Regular replacement will help maintain the performance of your machine and prolong its lifespan.

Special Promo Code for VIP Customers!

As a valued VIP customer, we want to offer you a special promo code for your next water softener purchase. Use code VIPSOFTENER at checkout to receive your discount. Don't miss this opportunity to save on an essential component for your espresso machine! We also carry ALL parts for Simonelli espresso machines including gaskets and screens for the group heads.

Remember, taking care of your espresso machine is key to serving top-notch coffee to your customers. Don't forget to replace your water softener regularly to keep your machine in tip-top shape. And don't forget to use your VIP promo code for extra savings!

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