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Victoria Arduino Black Eagle VA388 3 Group Gravimetric T3 - Java Exotic Imports

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle VA388 3 Group Gravimetric T3


VA388 Black Eagle by Victoria Arduino

3 Group Gravimetric T3

COLOR - Steelux

The Black Eagle by Victoria Arduino is a precision espresso machine offering two very different operating styles. Select between volumetric dosing which offers digital programming for roasts profiled by water volume or the new unique gravimetric dosing technology for roasts profiled by shot extraction weight.

Also, known in pre-production as the VA388, the Black Eagle features precision temperature control, referred to as T3 technology.
T3 technology was first introduced at the “World Barista Championship” (WBC) on Nuova Simonelli’s “Aurelia II T3″.
The Aurelia II T3 is often confused with the Aurelia II and Aurelia II Digit however, the Aurelia II T3 espresso machine is about giving the barista or operator the ability to dial in or set brewing temperatures.

For years, baristas have struggled with temperatures swings often experienced with traditional espresso machines. These temperature variances are caused by several different factors, in which many can be corrected manually by the barista, however these variances are challenging when consistency of product is desired.  The T3 technology was designed to aid the barista by simply eliminating brewing temperature fluctuations. The Aurelia T3 and now, Black Eagle with T3 technology are unique not only because they offer temperature control but control is available on individual groups. This means unique coffee houses specializing in the traditional espresso experience may profile and offer more than one coffee roast.

When you combine tradition and experience with breathtaking innovation, the result is high technology and high reliability. 

Witness VA388, the latest espresso machines from the historic Victoria Arduino brand.

VA388 combines high value materials and the accuracy of details guaranteed by craftsmanship, with the most innovative technologies that are opening up new frontiers for the whole world of coffee.

In VA 388, for the first time in an espresso coffee machine, are both “T3” and “Gravimetric” technologies. The first ensures thermal stability, the second always provides the right amount of coffee in the cup. The combination of
these two technologies means the barista can ensure a consistently excellent espresso, personalized by enhancing the features and aromas of each type of coffee. 

VA388 celebrates the function of design. Recalling the tradition of Victoria Arduino, the innovative and well-finished lines of VA388 enhance the beauty of a machine for every setting, suitable for every location. 
After making the history of espresso in the 20th century, in the 21st century Victoria Arduino is designing the future. 
The new Victoria Arduino, is a sustainable machine, despite offering the highest level of performance, it manages to do this with an eye to saving energy.

Black Eagle should be purchased for its combination of look and precision capabilities.

Features a separate boiler for each group head plus an additional boiler for steam.

Best suited for high-end cafes.

Advanced barista skills needed to optimize the comprehensive features of this machine.

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Spec Sheet for the Black Eagle: Spec Sheet


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