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Blendtec Rapid Rinser Spray Washer - NO Tax - FREE Shipping - BEST USA Price! Java Exotic Imports 800-533-7214

Blendtec Rapid Rinser


Blendtec Rapid Rinser


The Blendtec Rapid Rinser can out smart any cleaning task while using 1/3 the water in 2/3 the time.

Combine these savings with our low profile design and you've just reclaimed the valuable space of your sink or drainboard.

And best yet, The Blendtec Rapid Rinser can reduce employee exposure to harmful sanitizers that can cause skin irritation and lost time on the job.

Not just for blender jars - Rinse bowls, shot glasses, cups, etc.!

All you have to do is press down on the unit to activate the high pressure sprayer, and that's it!

It turns off automatically when you stop pressing down on the unit.

A must have for any coffee shop, bar, or restaurant!

Blendtec Rapid Rinser Features:

  • Stainless steel nozzle
  • No electricity required
  • Size: 5.75"w x 5.75"d x 4"h
  • Flow Rate: 2.23 GPM
  • Hose Type: Flexible nylon-reinforced hose
  • Manufacturer Warranty: One Year

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