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Nuova Simonelli AURELIA WAVE DIGIT Commercial Espresso Machine


AURELIA WAVE DIGIT High Volume Commercial Espresso Machine

Advanced Bold Revolutionary

Suitable for High quality coffee shops, medium - high volume locations, demanding professionals, barista competitors, specialty coffee shops.

The Aurelia Wave Digital is the ideal espresso machine for all those who are looking for unprecedented performance and reliability

Wave Digit: The Aurelia Wave Digit builds off the Aurelia II Digit adding a number of new improvements and features. Coming standard with a high resolution touch screen display this machine gives the barista unparalleled control over the machine at their fingertips. Allowing the baristas to easily program dosages, boiler pressure, pre-infusion, and even energy savings settings. Making this one of our most flexible and consistent volumetric espresso machines.

Creative Design & Build

More Info

Wave: The identity of the new Aurelia. Its name not only represents its unique looks but also the continually movement of espresso technology.

First and foremost is the Aurelia Wave Smart Water Technology (optional). For the first time in espresso history this machine can detecting basic water parameters and warn the operator when the quality changes. Being that water makes up the mass majority of espresso, and espresso equipment issues this acts as a safeguard for all operators reducing long-term costs.

All of this in combination with the Waves focus on detail, Energy Consumption/Environmental impact, and Ergonomics earns its place next to the Aurelia II, raising the bar of what an espresso machine can do once again.

Common Questions & Answers

Q: What is the soft infusion system in the Aurelia Wave Digit?
A: Soft infusion is Nuova Simonelli’s pre-infusion system, or the way the Digit achieves balanced extraction.

When you brew espresso, the machine’s soft infusion system first releases pressure-free water into the coffee bed. This takes place before the pressurized water is run through the coffee.

With this system in place, the coffee is automatically settled, minimizing the risk of channeling and helping the water reach all of the coffee evenly.

Extracted with pre-infusion, the espresso will have a richer flavor and well-defined subtleties unique to the coffee that might otherwise be lost.

Q: What is the difference between volumetric and manual dosing in the Aurelia Wave Digit?
A: When you use the volumetric dosing buttons to brew, the machine will provide the correct espresso volume on its own. All you need to do is start extraction by pushing the button.

The great thing about volumetric dosing is that it’s easy to use, for inexperienced to expert baristas. It will guarantee that all of the espresso shots are poured at the right volume, even as shifts change and different baristas operate the machine.

Manual dosing, on the other hand, is fully controlled by the user. Baristas will push the manual button once to start extraction and again to end it.

This creates the opportunity to pour any type of shot the user wants, whether that’s a ristretto espresso or a long shot. There’s no programming necessary like with the volumetric buttons, so customer requests are more easily fulfilled.

Q: How do I use the bar pump gauge on the Aurelia Wave Digit to improve my espresso results?
A: Getting to know this gauge is helpful for guiding you toward the right brew ratio.

If you’re not sure what the brew ratio is, it’s just the amount of coffee you use for an espresso shot to the volume that results.

Checking the gauge shows you whether the machine is brewing at the right pressure related to the pump (usually nine bars is what you’ll want to reach).

If you see that the pressure isn’t building correctly, it’s a good idea to start adjusting your brew ratio. Try adding different amounts of coffee to the portafilter.

Sometimes all you need to do is change your tamping pressure or grinder settings a little. As you can see, this gauge can tell you a lot about your espresso process.

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Barista training is also available on this machine!

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Warranty Info

All of our espresso machines come standard with our 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Water Info

The installation of a water softener is mandatory for all users that don't meet the required water specifications, failure to do so will void your warranty. It is recommend to always add a water softener to your order if you do not have one already. Replacement time of filters depends the water and quantity of drinks being made.


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